Same Products, New Approach

KnifePro® products have been used by professional kitchens since 1999. We're pretty picky about our products so we spent the time necessary to get it right. Our metal composition, blade construction, and overall durability have been purposely designed to meet our own high standards.

We're happy to tell you that the durability and quality of our cutlery has led to great success with the KnifePro brand. It's been so positive we realized it was time to offer KnifePro to home kitchen users as well as our current professional customers. Now both commercial and individual consumers can take care of all their KnifePro cutlery needs online.

KnifePro products are also used by other cutlery services. If you would like to talk to us about wholesale quantities please give us a call at 1-888-564-3377.

About KnifePro


Blade Protection With Style

BladePod knife protectors offer both commercial and individual consumers a safe, easy, and stylish way to store and protect their cutlery. Blades are shielded by impact resistant plastic; they are both light and strong. On the inside they’re nestled between a smooth velvet lining. Every blade deserves a BladePod.

BladePod edge protectors are proudly offered and distributed by Master Grinding Service and our associated brands KnifePro and KnifeSpa.

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Renew, Rejuvenate, Re-sharpen

All blades eventually get dull. Fortunately, all blades can be sharpened. At KnifeSpa, we restore your blades to an edge even better than the day they were born. KnifeSpa is the perfect companion service to KnifePro to keep your knives sharp and ready for use.

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Master Grinding Service

Knives Supplied, Sharpened, Delivered

The KnifePro Cutlery, BladePod and KnifeSpa brands are wholly owned and operated by Master Grinding Service of Rockaway, NJ. A company with decades of experience and even more of tradition, Master Grinding offers knife sharpening and sales as well as a wide range of cutlery and commercial kitchen smallwares.

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