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KnifePro: Designed for Professionals

KnifePro cutlery combines form and function to make knives and accessories that meet the demands of professional kitchens.

The Best Ingredients

Like a chef's perfect recipe, the quality of a knife blade depends on the materials used to make it. Without giving away any secrets, we can tell you that KnifePro knives are stamped blades made from a special formula of 420J Japanese steel. With a hardness rating of 52-54 Rockwell they're strong enough to hold an edge and cut with ease. They're also flexible enough to resist chipping or breaking with heavy use.

Solid Construction

Most of our cutlery is made of the blade and the handle and nothing else. Other knife handles with rivets or small tines can get loose or even fall off. KnifePro knife handles are made from a hypo-allergenic plastic that is easy to grip, easy to clean and never comes loose. They're also available in a wide range of handle colors that correspond with standardized color-coding systems to help prevent cross contamination, adding greater safety in your food preparation.

A Style for Every Use

You wouldn't use a sledgehammer to hang a picture, would you? You also shouldn't use the wrong knife for the wrong job. Whether you're filleting fish, de-boning a chicken, or slicing a roast, KnifePro has a knife or tool that fits even your most specialized needs.

Cost-Effective With Quality

Professional kitchens need knives that provide both the highest quality and durability while remaining cost-effective. You shouldn’t have to exchange quality for economy. You could get a complete set of KnifePro knives for the price of one high-cost designer knife. Whether you need 1 or 10,001, we have a solution with a pricing structure that will work for you.


Perfect for Commercial Kitchens

KnifePro knives have the quality, variety and durability required by any commercial kitchen. Our knives are already used by thousands of restaurants and professional chefs across the country and throughout the world.

Professional Quality

The metal composition, blade design and construction of the handle are all intended for professional use. Able to withstand continuous use with longer times between sharpening, KnifePro knives are worthy of the best restaurants and most discerning chefs.

True Variety

You're sure to be impressed by the sheer number of chef knives alone we offer. And, that's just the beginning of our choices. More than just knives, we offer butchering accessories such as saw blades and sharpening steels to keep your knives well honed in between sharpening. If you have a cutting need, we've got the right tool for the job.

Color Coded

Avoiding cross-contamination is the goal of every commercial kitchen. With eight color options our durable, non-slip, color-coded handles mean you can assign the right blade for the right food.

Wholesale Pricing

Need more than just a few knives? Or, maybe you need a truckload. Either way, we can develop a wholesale pricing plan for your needs.

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Perfect for Home Kitchens

Most knives in home kitchens are at one of two extremes. You might have a motley assortment of really cheap knives about as sharp as a nickel. Or, you might have a few really expensive knives that you try to make work for every need. Either way, you're probably not experiencing the joy of using truly great blades that didn't cost more than your TV.

Great Blades, Great Edges

We’re not satisfied with factory edges and neither should you be. All our retail customers receive KnifePro knives that are professionally sharpened by technicians that have decades of experience at our Rockaway NJ location. If you’ve only experienced a factory edge you’re in for a treat when make your first cut with a KnifePro blade. They're what real professionals use--the same, exact knives.

Affordability Means Variety

Expensive knives can be good knives. But why pay so much for so little? KnifePro is so affordable you can own multiple knives to cover a variety of uses for the same cost as buying one expensive knife. You won't have to give up any quality either.

Once you use your first KnifePro knife you'll understand why they're the choice of professionals everywhere.